Cooking Equipment - Inoxtrend

Cooking Equipment - Inoxtrend

Cooking in your busy commercial kitchen has never been easier with our comprehensive range of catering equipment, appliances and supplies. At Shop-Equip we have a variety of cooking equipment that is designed to suit all types of catering establishments and all kinds of budgets. So whether you are looking to kit out your hectic industrial kitchen with the newest Falcon Induction Hob or Gas Range or are just looking to introduce Panini to your cafe menu from our range of Contact and Panini Grill, you are bound to find the right appliance to suit your commercial needs.
With leading brand names such as Samsung, Lincat, Parry and Dualit, all the way to our extremely popular and best selling Buffalo, Blue Seal and Panasonic, our extensive range of cooking machines is also guaranteed to be of a high quality.


Our company is located in North-east of Italy, in a well-known area where there is a concentration of several small and medium size industries which form the backbone of the Italian industry. These companies have specialized in the manufacturing of stainless steel products for decades. We are proud to uphold this high tradition with the production of our professional appliances, specifically ovens for the catering industry.

INOXTREND’s quality standards derive from specialization, constant research and interaction with our customers. We offer the most suitable solution for any type of kitchen requirements. We can offer specialist solutions for hospitals, prisons and marine environments. The size variety of the range, backed up by a solid manufacturing facility and the exclusive strength represented be patented solutions, ensures that the INOXTREND brand is positioned in the medium-high level of the market, and offers a competitive and attractive proposal for all sectors of the catering industry.

Our presence on the international market compels us to develop our appliances respecting culinary traditions to satisfy extremely diverse cooking processes requirements. We observe standards and individual countries regulation to meet all their requirements. Our ovens are renown all over the world their “MADE IN ITALY” valuable features: high quality manufacture and details, attention to design, product reliability, innovation, reliable support and customer service. A guarantee of “total quality”.

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