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Upright Storage Coolers - Infrico

Upright Storage Coolers - Infrico

If you're handling fresh food on a daily basis you'll need a commercial refrigerator to reduce waste and comply with food hygiene regulations.

Chilled food storage is absolutely essential so it's vital to make sure you're buying a fridge which is has enough space for your stock, as well as being reliable and efficient.

We offer a vast array of fridges in sizes to fit most premises. Whether you're looking for a small, undercounter unit or a walk-in cold room, we have some of the biggest brand names available including Tefcold, Blizzard, Polar, Foster, Gram, LEC, Williams, True and many others.

If you're not sure which type of refrigeration would suit your business, then please give us a call where we happy to help.

INFRICO Spanish company is the leading manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment. Forefront of technology and certified quality are the guarantees each supporting its commitment to innovation: generating the best ideas and solutions for each client.

With customers worldwide and a large domestic market share, the company is located in front of the sector, with a very advantageous position over its competitors in terms of market volume and coverage.

With 12 country delegations and 9 in France, Portugal, Morocco, Chile, UK, USA and Central America, Infrico serves the needs of its customers punctual way, with a system of flexible and efficient production.

Infrico Production Center is one of the most modern manufacturing facilities in Spain. The plant has a total cie surface 40,000 square meters dedicated to production and an area of ​​60,000 square meters of logistics activities. An investment effort complements the incorporation of advanced technology to offer the best solutions cold.

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