Sale Scotsman EC 86 Self Contained Ice Cuber With Waste Drain Pump

Scotsman EC 86 Self Contained Ice Cuber With Waste Drain Pump

Brand: Scotsman

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Warranty: 3 year Parts and 2 year Labour

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Product Code: SCO-EC86

List Price: £2,688.00

Our Price Excl. VAT: £1,351.00 Incl. VAT: £1,621.20

Product Details

6 Series Easy-FIT Supercubers

All the features of the 6 series with the advantage todischarge waste up to 1.5 metres above base orup to 20 metres distance.• Fits almost anywhere• No additional expensive plumbing cost required

  • Connects to standard drain
  • Installed in minutes


  • PWD - Progressive Water Discharge - It solves all your drainage height or distance problems. Place your ice maker just where you need it, up to 15meters away, and 1.7 meters lower than the actual drain outlet.
  • HSS - Horizontal Spray System - Scotsman HSS sprays water onto the horizontal evaporator, where only the purest particles of water are transformed into ice: the result is solid, slow-melting crystal clear cubes.
  • Removable Spray Plate - take apart to clean
  • ACC - Adaptive Cycle Control - Fluctuating or unusual ambient temperatures influenceice production and ice quality. Scotsman Adaptive Cycle Control fine tunes the machine functions for bestperformance and top quality ice cubes.
  • WPS - Water Purity System - The smart way of reducing water consumption! Machine adapts the flush cycle duration to the local conditions of water-hardness, avoiding unnecessary waste.
  • THC - Total Hygiene Concept - Scotsman machines are built with food-grade stainless steel frames and side panels for rust free durability, ease of cleaning, and hygiene. Large and accessible ice storage areas allow for a quick and easy sanitising routine.
  • BIF - Built In Facility Front panel louvre for condenser ventilation airflow area standard feature on Scotsman undercounter models,as well as easy to reach connections and controls for maximized installation flexibility.
  • AgIONAgION™ - a silver-based anti-microbial compound that reduces the growth of bacteria, microorganisms, algae,mould and slime on ice machine surfaces.
  • Condenser Air Filter - To avoid the volume reduction of ice production, the condenser air filter must be kept free from dust accumulation. Highly efficient and user-friendly, the filter can easily be removed from the front side of the unit.
  • Ice bin capacity increased to 50% of daily production - Typically ice consumption is not regular through out the day, so it is advisable to specify a size of ice bin capable of meeting peak demand. An ice bin that holds 50% of the total daily output of the unit is the ideal choice.
  • Patented Anti-Scale System - Scale removal prevents and reduces problems arising from scale accumulation into the water circuit. providinga higher quality of cube and reduces routine maintenance.
  • Quiet Door Action - Sound dampening rubber inserts reduce the noise element in ice collection operations, ensuring a longer life for the door latching mechanism.
  • Routine Maintenance Alarm - The Scotsman “Clean Me” light informs you exactly when to run the maintenance routine, for both the air condensing and water spray systems.
  • On-Off Main Switch - Eye-catching illuminated main switch ensures ease ofoperation in superb style!
  • Branding Panel - Branding or Promotional display area.
  • Anti-microbial system in the ice bin - The use of an efficient, food safe antimicrobial agent, contained in a pouch positioned on the inner side of the sliding bin door, creates a barrier against the potential proliferation of micro-organisms.

Additional Information

  • Standard: Medium cube
  • Option: Large Cube
  • Dimensions (mm): H 795 (Legs + 120) x W 530 x D 600
  • Max. production/24hrs: 38 Kg / 1900 Cubes
  • Bin capacity: 19 Kg
  • Weight: 44 Kg
  • Water consumption: 144 Litres (AS) @15°C, 520 Litres (WS) @15°C
  • Recommended Water F ilter: HF20-S
  • Electricity consumption: 8.9 kwh
  • Circuit rating: 13 Amps
  • Voltage: 230/50/1*


Air Cooling (AS) Water Cooling (WS)

Warranty 3 year Parts and 2 year Labour
Estimated Delivery 2 to 3 Working Days
Manufacturer Scotsman
Supplier Product Code EC 86

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