Is Evolve S50i Shelving Compatible With My Current System?

The Evolve S50i retail modular shelving system we supply is the standard S50 system which is generally used throughout the UK Retail industry.  However it is always best to check compatibilty between your system and the Evolve S50i system.

To check - Take measurements of the shelving upright as illustrated.  If your current system has the same measurements then you can easily suite your existing system to the Evolve S50i Retail Modular Shelving System.  The other thing to consider is the colours, we stock the standard RAL9001 (cream) and RAL9006 (silver) system that are again the most popular colours.

Shelving Upright

Shelving Upright

Best Practice When Buying Shelving Systems.

When buying shelving systems it is best practice to measure out your store first and decide what shelving is going where.  Buy some A4 graph paper and scale out the store properly.  So many customers buy shelving without thinking about the layout and finish up buying too much shelving which is not cost effective or they start to build the system and realise that they have forgotten something!  In both cases it costs more time and money, so measure up and take some time planning out the system.  Give us a call for advise if needed we are here to help your purchase run as smoothly as possible.

Think about corner shelving as well, corners can be dead space but thought out properly can add further selling space to your store.

A clean and tidy shelving system can make or break a sale, so good house keeping is as important as the right stock.  If you are buying add ons to your current system think about replacing shelf edge strips to existing shelving.  What about label printing? We can supply either a thermal printer with some simple software to create shelf edge labels or alternatively supply rolls of thermal labels with perforated tear to fit exactly into the shelving strips.  A clean shelving system with accurately priced labels adds to the overall aesthetics of your store.  

There are different back panels availble for shelving.  Plain back panels are the norm for grocery products, but also think about peg board & slatwall back panels.  Pegboard panels allow you to display a wide range of smaller items utilising pegboard panel accessories, slatwall panels can offer further space to attach small shelves and other acrylic accessories.  Wire risers and dividers can also be added to standard shelves to partion off shelving space for different items such as chocolate bars, pharmaceutical etc.

Different System Options.

To make things as easy as possible for our customers we can provide some pre-configured solutions that are provided in kit form.  Some of these systems include:

Basic Bays - Which are just standard width and heights including base shelf and back panels

General Displays - Are preconfigured sheving bays in different width including common shelf dimensions

Gondola Displays Again, preconfigured bay sizes but double sided.

Stationery Displays - Preconfigured bays suitable for the display of stationery products

Fruit & Vegetable Displays - Including produce trays for the display of Fruit & vegetables

Magazine Displays - Configured displays for magazines and newspapers

All component parts are also available from stock.

Build Your Own System!

If we don't already have your ideal system preconfigured then we have provided a product wizard to step you through the process of creating your own bespoke shelving sizes.  Shown below is the process you need to carry out to build the system as you require.   This information is also shown against each produst so you can follow it through as you are ordering.  We also supply an "Easy To Assemble Guide" when we ship your shelving

How To Order.

1: Select the height of the bay you require.
2: Select the depth of the bottom shelving bay.
3: Select the width of the bay.
4: Select from the type of back panels you require.
5: Select the colour of the scanning rails.
6: Select the depth of shelves you require and the quantity required. Your can select varies shelf depths and quantities.
7: You will require one run end to complete a run of shelving bays.  

Example 1:
1 x Bay of Shelving.
Complete the configuration of the bay as shown above and INCLUDE one run end. Press the ADD TO CART Button.

Example 2:
  5 x Bays of Shelving in one row.
If you require 5 bays of shelving in one run enter the required configuration for one bay and exclude the RUN END. Now enter a quanitity of 4 at the side of the ADD TO CART Button and then select the ADD TO CART Button.
Now enter the configuration for the final bay including a RUN END and then press the ADD TO CART Button

Example 3:  10 x Bays of Shelving in two rows.
If you require 10 bays in two runs of shelving enter the required configuration for one bay and exclude the RUN END. Now enter a quanitity of 8 at the side of the ADD TO CART Button and then select the ADD TO CART Button. 
Now enter the configuration for the final 2 bays including two RUN END's and enter a quantity of 2 at the side of the ADD TO CART Button then press the ADD TO CART Button.


For help and advice please give us a call on 01623 741 550