Multideck Displays

Multideck Displays - Norpe Refrigeration Limited

Multideck Displays - Norpe Refrigeration Limited

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Norpe - your partner in commercial refrigeration

Norpe is a company specialising in the manufacture of display refrigeration for all manner of retailers. One of our main strengths is our ability to offer a wide assortment of basic cabinets, and then be able to adapt and customise them to the particular requirements of customers as diverse as a large hypermarket or a small convenience store.

Quality means everything to us. We use only high quality raw materials at each stage of construction. Each and every cabinet is individually tested before leaving the factory. During the recent years we have invested heavily in test laboratories. As a result we now have two laboratories which meet the exacting EN 441 requirements in addition to four others. All of them located in Porvoo, Finland. Our R&D team are constantly looking to create new and better quality cooling solutions for retail environment.

Brand building is an ever important factor in food retailing, Norpe has gained considerable experience in recent years establishing ourselves as an innovative partner for food manufacturers, by producing specialised cabinets to meet their needs.

We are here for you, to find the best solution for your needs. With Norpe as your partner you can sleep well at nights and focus on the more important issues, without having to worry about operational breakdowns, excessive energy consumption, or meeting legislative food temperature requirements.

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