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Single Sided Shelving Bays

Shop Shelving from Shop-Equip Limited is available in a wide range of configurations to meet the needs of any retailer whether it be a small convenience store to the largest supermarket chain.  With unbeatable quality at the most competative prices Shop-Equip Limited can offer the latest retail shelving solutions shipped direct from our warehouse here in the heart of the UK.

Evolve S50 Shelving is not just cost effective, but also offers a high level of quality with a clean & professional finish and what’s more it's easy to assemble.  Offered in a range of heights: 1310mm, 1410mm, 1610mm, 2110mm & 2410mm with depths ranging from 200mm to 570mm, its easy to adapt and maximise your valuable floor space

To check compatibilty with your exisiting system please read the following Buyers Guide .

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