It's easy to forget about weight distribution and transference on the body when you're rushing around at work all day. That's why WearerTech have thought about it for you.

Developed out of an industry wide need for specific, scientifically backed footwear for standing, WearerTech create attractive, sustainable safety shoes which not only suit you, but are a better choice for your body's overall posture.

Since 1978 WearerTech have been wondering what they can do to make your safety footwear more supportive at work. With help from world leading biomechanics researchers and Podiatrists at the University of Salford they investigated what science and real life professionals had to say.

Professionals just like you, chefs, surgeons, nurses and vets who stand for more than 50% of their working day. This has helped them create an ever expanding pool of knowledge to use, making how you stand safer and more comfortable every day.

Most importantly however, it has helped them to help you through a new generation of SSR (sustainable slip resistance) safety shoes made specifically for standing all day in. Put them to the test and feel the difference in performance today.

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